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Becoming an unlicensed assisted family living provider changed our lives for the better. I had grown up seeing my mother care for individuals with disabilities so I knew I wanted to do the same. I felt this population was underserved and I wanted to open my home to help someone obtain a quality life. In our home we teach him life skills, daily living routines and socialization/behavior skills. We have been doing this for 3 years and couldn't imagine our life without him!

What is a UAFL Home?

This service offers an alternative to group homes and long-term care facilities by promoting community inclusion and each person's potential for maximum independence. In this environment the individual has a rental agreement with the home provider to rent a bedroom from them. The home provider will receive room and board pay monthly for the individuals share of rent/utilities/and food. The room and board pay is separate from pay for providing service daily.

All services are provided with a focus on individuals enhancing their capacities to become as self-reliant as possible. Specific services offered through residential support include: personal care, in-home skills training, health and medications management, housekeeping/laundry, community involvement, meal planning/prep, financial management, and transportation when needed.

These services are provided 365 days a year. Staff should work with the individual to discover their interests and desires regarding community activities and then assist in facilitating participation in these activities. Individuals 18 years of age or older with a physical or intellectual disability are eligible to participate in this service. Funding is from the NC Innovations Waiver.

We like to look at this type of "job" as not so much of a job but more like adding someone to your family. Many of the providers within our company have been doing this for 5-20 years with the same individual.

This is tax free pay as indicated by IRS Notice 2014-7. It is considered on the same level as foster care so payments for care can not be taxed. You do not receive a W2 annually because of this. This pay is not filed on taxes either and usually can not be included for income on loans, etc.

Process for becoming a UAFL Provider:

1. Fill out an application with us.

2. We inspect your home (we will give you a list before hand of items checked)

3. Trillium Health Resources inspects your home (with the same list)

4. We handle the behind the scenes paperwork

5. Once an individual becomes available for placement, we contact you and go over their individual support plan with you to see if they are someone that would be a good fit for your home

6. Before moving in, you go and meet them in person and if they have a guardian/family you could meet them too.

7. Client/guardian signs pathways rental agreement form.

8. They move into your home.

What you need:

1. GED or High school diploma

2. Drivers Licensed

3. Reliable transportation

4. Car Insurance

5. CPR Certification (we can get for you)

6. Crisis Prevention training (we can get for you)


We are always looking for individuals interested in opening their home to this population. Contact Charlene Davis by using the information here. If you choose to call, leave a voicemail and she will return your call.


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