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at Pathways

Working at Pathways means you are making a difference in your community every day. Each of us has the ability to impact those we provide services for. 

Direct Support Professional

A Direct Support Professional helps people to lead self-directed lives, assist with activities of daily living, and encourage community inclusion. They may provide supports to a person at home, work, church, etc. DSP's serve as advocates for people in communicating their needs, self-expression and goals!

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Residential Supports (UAFL and AFL)

This service is designed to provide flexibility and reflect the natural flow of a persons day. Unlicensed AFL homes can only house one individual but they do not require being licensed by the state of NC. AFL homes can house 2 or more individuals. The goal of this service is to maintain the family environment so that the individual can feel at home.

Relative as Provider

Becoming a relative as provider is done on a case by case basis and we would submit an application to Trillium Health Resources to start the process. Advantages of being a relative as provider:

  • Ensure that the waiver participant received services when they otherwise might not.

  • Can allow waiver participant to remain in the family home longer

  • Often times having a relative as provider prevents the needs for back up staffing.

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