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At Pathways we understand that  each individual has unique needs and that a quality service must be tailored to those unique needs! With 20 years of serving the community, we  understand what it takes to meet the needs of the individuals we serve. We are family owned and have been in your shoes. You want a provider who is on your side and can understand things from your point of view and will fight for your loved ones right to receive quality care.

Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse

1. Mission

We extend the mission of Jesus Christ by creating an atmosphere of teamwork, optimism, and honesty to help anyone with a disability achieve a greater quality of life.

Nurse and Patient on Wheelchair

2. We hire in a person centered and client specific way

3. High Quality,

Compassionate Care

Our Mission drives us to provide the highest quality care possible to the individuals we serve. Our exceptional team of DSP's and Administrative staff whose expertise and talent help make a difference in the lives  of the people we serve every day. Being an accredited agency sets us apart from the rest.

Nursing Home
mema and papa2.jpg

4. Our Leaders

When it comes to leadership, you want leaders that have been in your shoes and that have a servants heart. If you enjoy a family atmopshere and an administrative team that will fight for your rights, we are the provider for you! Check out our leadership team below.

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