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Holding Hands

High Quality, Compassionate Care

Accredited High Quality Care

Pathways is a mission driven organization committed to making every person's life who comes to our agency better. Delivering high quality care is central to our mission.

As a provider with 20 years of experience, we never stop trying to do an even better job of caring for those we serve.

With this in mind, we have established a clear goal- to maintain CARF Accreditation. By doing this we continue to produce quality improvement projects with SMART goals, data driven outcomes and measures, performance improvement and much more. 

Pathways continually strives to improve the quality and safety of our care by implementing these measures:

     1.   We use evidence based practices to ensure all staff have client specific training

     2.  Our performance improvement measures are based on everyone in the company. Meaning, we listen to all stakeholders            such as the people we serve, guardians, employees and administrative staff.  Listening to what everyone has to say is a              key factor in our decision making processes when it comes to choosing performance improvement measures.

     3. We have implemented an EHR system to collect ISP data and to meet the new mandate of EVV requirements for     

          Community Living and Supports services.

We want you to feel confident that you will receive the finest possible care when you come to us. Anything less would fall short of what the founders expect from us--and of what we expect from ourselves.

CARF Accreditation

CARF is committed to providing the greatest value possible. When individuals look at agencies, it is important to look for the assurance that the programs or facilities are of the highest quality. MCO's/LME's recognize CARF accreditation as a demonstration of superior performance for their clients. As a service provider, we have the advantage of clearly defined and internationally accepted standards to ensure that our services remain among the elite for excellence. 

Among the benefits provided by CARF accreditation are:

  • Business improvement

  • Service excellence

  • Competitive differentiation

  • Risk management

  • Funding access

  • Positive visibility

  • Accountability

  • Peer networking

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