​Meet the owners! They have a Christian background and have been married for over 50 years. Caring for others is in their nature and has been for over 40 years! They have been foster parents, adopted, and also took care of family who had disabilities. After the passing of Charlene's uncle who had downs syndrom, she felt in her heart that she could make a difference for others. After this revelation, Pathways was born in August of 2000 and has been serving the community since.

CEO & founders

Jimmie and Charlene Hill


Hello my name is Charlene and I would love to tell you a little about myself! I was born in eastern north carolina and raised here my whole life. I am a graduate of ECU with a bachelors in business adminstration. I have been raised around individuals with disabilities of all types so I guess you could say that is where my passion has stemed from. Seeing them accomplish goals and bringing happiness to them just makes my day every time.


Charlene Davis


Hello my name is Keola! I have a bachelors of science in human development and family studies. I am also on the board of health at the Craven County Health Department. I love helping others by doing my job to the best of my abilties. My favorite part of my job is being able to come visit people and see how they have improved because of the services they are recieveing. Helping individuals who have an intellecual or developmental disabilities was the reason I went to school to earn my degree in the first place and I feel blessed that I am able to do just that here at Pathways.


Keola Perry

Hey everyone! My name is Crystal. I have been working in this field for over ten years. In that time I have done it all! I am a guardian, UAFL provider, mentor, and  apart of the adminstrative staff. I grew up watching my family take care of individuals with disabilties and from there it inspired me to do the same.


Crystal Hughes