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Learning modules

Therap Basic provides a core set of modules that helps agencies maintain individual records and notes, track and report incidents, perform audit and reviews, collaborate with staff members, state personnel, family members, and generate a wide range of activity reports.

The modules allow care providers to track, manage and follow up on health, behavioral and incident related data. Individual’s profiles and emergency data are simple to store, update and retrieve. Therap’s suite of applications reduces the paperwork process and saves time, thus allowing staff more time to directly interact with the individuals they support.

Therap Basic currently includes the following modules to help staff with their day to day documentation, communication, and reporting.


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Download these Therap documents to use as a guideline

Health Tracking Guide

T Log Reference Guide

General Event Reporting

Electronic Data Management Policy

T Log Guidelines

SComm Policy

T Log How To's

Therap Access Policy

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